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connection students to trainersWe get a lot of inquiries here as to when and where someone can get certain training courses. We have people contacting us to find H2S Alive in Edmonton, a First Aid instructor to teach their company in groups and almost every other course request imaginable.

We end up connecting a lot of people with training providers in the area they are searching. What we’d like to do is be able to answer every request.

This post is a request to training providers / companies who teach regularly scheduled courses in Alberta –  keep us up to date on your training schedule so we can send students in the right direction ;-). Each time a company sends their schedule we’ll post it as a blog post (but no more than twice a week). If you send us your schedule each Sunday we will post it. As new posts come in older blog posts will slide down the page.

Rising use of medical marijuana complicates energy workforce issues.

Anticipated changes in the legal status of marijuana in Canada, and growing use of medical marijuana, are raising questions about the implications for the industrial workplace.

“As the prevalence and the social acceptance of marijuana goes up, the acceptance of medical marijuana will probably go up with it,” says Scott Murray, vice-president of health services for Calian Ltd., which runs an occupational health clinic in the oilsands hotbed of Fort Mckay, Alta.

To explore how increased medical marijuana use could impact organizational policies, Calian recently hosted a seminar in Calgary for about 100 employers concerned about their legal responsibilities.

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safety neededSo what can safety do for you? The benefits of maintaining a safe  work environment are many, illness but first and foremost, safety is about what  you can do to protect your workers. “It’s the right thing to do. Employers  should send their workers home in the same condition they came in.  Why wouldn’t that be important to a company?” says Todd Detro, vice  president of Safety Management Group’s owner services team.

But the practice of safety also brings financial benefits to the table.  A safe work environment impacts a project’s bottom line both directly  and indirectly. Costs associated with incidents,  including lost costs,  worker’s comp claims, insurance costs and legal fees are minimized in  a safe work environment. So are the indirect costs that follow incidents,  including the lost productivity that occurs when people turn their  attention to dealing with an incident. “If you’re doing safety effectively  in a business world, it’s going to relate to fewer schedule interruptions,  which will minimize your costs,” says Mark Steinhofer, facilities lead  safety advisor in Safety Management Group’s owner services team.  “You’re not going to have to stop work because you run into a problem.”

On the flip side, a safe work environment boosts employee morale,  which, in turn, increases productivity, efficiency and profit margins.  “When people feel like they have a good, safe work environment, they  feel like they can make a difference,” says Steinhofer. “There are fewer  staff absences, less staff turnover and an improved quality of work.”

Read full article regarding why safety is important at the Safety Management Site

ATV Rider Safety Training

More and more ATV’s are being used on the job-site in Alberta and sales are strong recreationally too. Every rider should have operator safety training to reduce their chance of injury.

atv rider safety training

Spring is the time to update your ATV rider safety training.

Some of the most basic safe riding techniques are over looked by experienced riders, and faced with more extreme condition accidents happen.

There are still somewhat experienced recreational riders not wearing helmets on the trails. However, considering an experienced rider would have hundreds of riding hours under their belt, they would have naturally started wearing a helmet just to avoid the inevitable low branch or flying rock. I guess it’s safe to assume if an ATV operator isn’t wearing a helmet they’re either very inexperienced or not very clever.

This year ride safe by making sure you, your family and your employees are trained in safe ATV operation. There is too much at risk personally and economically not to have formal training.

Call iOnSafety Ltd. for more information on Alberta Safety Council certified ATV / Quad safety training for individuals and groups. [schedule_now]

Oilfield group safety training saves money

oilfield safety as groupCompanies able to conduct group safety training can save a lot of money.  At we can arrange instructors for the courses you need on-site. Don’t pay per student, stretch your training budget by planning your training. Email for a training quotation.

Safety training smart!

training neededHaving taught safety training courses for many years I’ve witnessed a strange attitude by many employees taking training. Because the courses took a day or two every three years students felt it was a waste of time. However it only took a few minutes and a few question before the course to demonstrate why the training was needed. Most student remembered very little from their previous course.

Taking a safety training course, whether it be first aid or h2s training, every three years is reasonable to keep the safety light on in employees heads. One course very three years is one day every 750 days of work, and when you look at it that way its surprising re-training is required more often.

Having taught courses and questioned student I know the training is needed. Employers responsible for employees know safety training is important especially if they want there company to keep operating smoothly. To think safety and to stop and act safely takes very little actual time and the return on investment is incredibly huge. Stopping for minute to be certain you’re safe can be the difference between life and death.


Safety Training in Red Deer and Central Alberta

need safety training in red deer?The fall can be an active time in the Oilfield Industry so make sure you are prepared to work. Being prepared now includes make sure your safety training is up to current. The most common courses needed to work in the oilpatch is H2S Alive and Standard First Aid and CPR. H2S Alive is governed by Enform and Standard First Aid and CPR training certification can be through the Red Cross and or St. John Ambulance.

We offer both of these courses on a regular basis in Red Deer. H2S Alive we teach Fridays and  we teach First Aid & C.P.R. on Tuesdays and Wednesday. We plan to teach both Emergency and Standard F.A. training more often in the near future.

In addition to H2S Alive and Standard First Aid training we offer a number of other courses. For on-site training at your workplace we can provide an assortment of course to meet site specific work requirements.

G.O.D.I. Courses Available!

Oilfield driver training red deer

This one-day theory-based, classroom only, instructor-lead course is designed to provide oilfield truck drivers with the knowledge to improve their on-road safe driving behaviors and attitudes. The target audience is oilfield truck drivers operating vehicles with GVW of 5500 kg and over. Topics include professional driving attitude, defensive driving skills, regulations and policies, National Safety Code (NSC) requirements, proper vehicle inspection, off-highway driving techniques, road conditions and hazards, and non-driving skills (map reading, hand signals, vehicle equipment operations, load securement and tire chain installation).

Additional Notes:

This course is approved by Alberta Transportation as a Professional Driving Improvement Course (PDIC).

  • Students with an Alberta Operator’s License who receive 80% or better on the written examination are eligible for a reduction of up to three demerit points from their driving record from Alberta Transportation through any Alberta registries agent.

H2S Alive Red Deer

iOnSafety Ltd is growing and still providing Enform Certified H2S Alive every weekday in Red Deer. We decided we need to provide daily H2S Alive training when we heard student were having to wait because other training providers were full. We h2s alive dailyunderstand that often employees need there courses quick when industry is busy and we are happy to help the companies and employees who need safety training in Central Alberta.

In addition to H2S Alive courses we are also offering Standard First Aid and CPR courses twice a week. We run Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR training Mon/Tues and Thur/Fri. If you need only your Emergency First Aid and CPR training you would just attend the first day of each course. If you need the B.C. certification we can do that too in each course.  We have room available in each of our courses each week.

We also offer other industry specific training with instructors who can teach various Chainsaw Safety Training, viagra buy ATV Rider Safety Training, erectile Forklift Operator Training, WHMIS, TDG, G.O.D.I, Fall Protection, Confined Space Training, and numerous other course where we can come right to you work-site to instruct employees.

On-site H2S Alive and Standard First Aid Training Specials

red deer h2s is offering amazing H2S Alive and Standard First Aid / CPR group training rates throughout the summer.

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