Top 10 Winter Driving Tips

It’s that time of year again when we need to set our alarm clocks 10 minutes earlier to scrape the frost from our car windows.
Driving in the winter is a lot different from the rest of the year so be prepared this winter with these top 10 winter driving tips.

Drive safe Alberta1. Firstly make sure your car has had a full service before the bad weather kicks in. If this is not feasible then do your own checks on your car battery, for sale tyre condition, remedy brakes and oil.
2. Have an emergency first aid kit in your car like this RAC Mezzo winter driving kit or RAC European Motoring kit.
3. Before setting off on your journey listen out for weather warnings as conditions can change very suddenly.
4. Always let someone know where you are going and roughly how long your journey will take you so that they can help you if you get into a difficult situation.
5. Always keep a full tank of fuel and your mobile phone battery topped up.
6. If the roads are icy or snow has fallen you must adapt your driving speed to these conditions and avoid breaking sharply.
7. If you are driving in the rain you must increase you distance between the car in front as heavy rain can reduce your ability to see.
8. Low sunshine is the cause of a lot of winter driving accidents. The glare from the low sun can literally blind you so slow down and keep your windows clean.
9. Driving in strong winds can be scary so be cautious when holding the wheel, take care when passing large vehicles and avoid driving over bridges.
10. Most importantly, in very bad conditions you should avoid driving at all costs!
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